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When did Arkansas become a state?

The state of Arkansas was admitted to the Union in 1836.

How do you pronounce Arkansas?

AR-kən-saw – In 1881, the legislature appointed a committee to ascertain the rightful pronunciation of the last syllable, and the result was a resolution declaring the pronunciation to be Ark-an-saw.

Where does the name Arkansas come from?

The term Arkansas means south wind and is derived from a name used by some Native Americans to describe the Quapaws, an early tribe in the area.

Where can I get FREE Arkansas Travel literature:

The Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism provides both online and printed travel information. To request FREE trip-planning information, such as Arkansas Travel Guide + Highway Map, Arkansas Motorcycling Guide, Living in Arkansas Magazine, Water and Woods Magazine, and Arkansas Bicycling Guide, visit:

Local Arkansas Chamber of Commerce offices are also a good resource to contact for Travel information.

Where can I get answers to FAQ's about Arkansas State Parks?

Frequently Asked Questions about Arkansas State Parks on topics such as reservation of campsites, cabins, and lodges, quiet hours, dog policy, etc. can be found on their website:

How do I find out about current Burn Bans in Arkansas?

Burn bans are usually issued on a county-wide basis by the county judge. Visit the Arkansas Forestry Commission website for current burn ban status:

Note: An Arkansas State Park superintendent may issue a burn ban due to dry conditions even though a county burn ban is not in effect. Such notices will be posted on the park’s webpage: